Smoky, Flavorful Paleo Baba Ganoush

Paleo Baba Ganoush, a dip made with eggplant, garlic, and sesame tahiniThis is the best baba ganoush I’ve ever had. Baba ganoush is a Middle-Eastern dip that originated in Lebanon. Roasted, blenderized eggplant is the primary ingredient. The eggplant puree is combined with sesame tahini, garlic, lemon juice, chile powder, coarse salt, parsley and olive oil. These are the traditional ingredients — this isn’t an adaptation to make it into paleo baba ganoush. Baba ganoush is dairy-free, grain-free, legume-free (a great substitute for hummus), and vegetarian, so dig in, paleo vegetarians! Don’t forget to slice up a fresh cucumber and other fresh, crunchy veggies for dipping! Note: You can skip the stovetop-charring stage in this recipe and it will still be super-delicious.

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