Best Stir Fry Sauce EVER, seriously

shrimp stir fry with best stir fry sauce ever

After trying for years to find a really good bottled stir-fry sauce or recipe, I was ready to give up. Luckily, I decided to give my search one more try, and am I glad I did — I hit the stir-fry-sauce jackpot! You can, too, with this recipe from Melissa “Melicious” Joulwan of  The Clothes Make The Girl. She wasn’t kidding when she named it The Best  Stir-Fry Sauce EVER.  Ingredients include coconut aminos, OJ, Chinese 5 Spice Powder, crushed garlic, honey and garlic-chili paste (I must confess I didn’t have garlic-chili paste, but it was still delicious).

This goes with endless combos of vegetables and proteins. For vegetarians who eat fish, shrimp or scallops are the perfect accompaniment. One more thing — don’t forget to whip up a batch of Melissa’s super easy carmelized coconut chips to sprinkle on top; you’ll be twice as happy, if that’s even possible.

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  1. Hooray! Glad you like the stir fry sauce! Thanks for the shout out to my recipes!

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